Roadside Assistance


Many drivers will attest to the fact that they have required the aid of a road assistance company. When faced with such a dilemma, many drivers spend a lot of time by the roadside flagging down other motorists for help. Such a situation is dangerous as you can wait for hours. Presently a host of businesses offers road assistance services.


  • Insurance Companies
  • Motor clubs
  • Cell phone service providers
  • Car dealers
  • Credit card companies

When your car stops and any attempts to restart it have failed, a road assistance company is your next option. The services include

Fuel delivery

When the misfortune of running out of gas happens, we bring fuel to your location, and you only have to pay for the fuel.

Flat tire service

Nowadays, vehicle manufacturers are opting to leave out the spare tire and the inflator kit offered will not do the job always. Our qualified and experienced professional will have the tire changed on the spot and with time efficiency.

Locksmith Services

If you accidentally misplace your key and later see them lying on your floor mat, we will dispatch a fully qualified locksmith. We only require that you take responsibility for the costs of replacing the keys.

Dead battery jump start

Often enough, we leave certain components of our vehicles running, like stereo/headlights, which in turn drain the battery. Our roadside assistance crew will jump start your battery at the scene and have you on your way in no time.

Winching and towing service

Unfortunate events will leave you stranded in mud, snow, sand or water. WE will winch you out of such sticky situations. If need be, and damage has occurred, we offer tow services to the nearest service station or your desired location. Contact our customer care representatives for charges according to distance.

When you are unsure of the location you are at, we will require verbal consent to use location information from your mobile service provider, and our road assistance crew will be with you within the hour.